• Michael is a master who was born to perform KaHuna. He is an intuitive therapist who seems to really honour his clients and their individual journeys. He went beyond what he needed to do to ensure that no stone was left unturned in my treatment. I emerged from the session with a greater appreciation of KaHuna’s capacity to inspire change on deeper levels than just the physical and emotional. His technique was impressive and the all-encompassing strokes lulled me into one of the deepest "womb-like" relaxation experiences I have ever had during a massage session, and I have had many. I am trained in massage myself and I like to try out different therapists for the same types of massage, but after this experience I have decided that there is no other KaHuna massage therapist I need to see. I highly recommend him, his prices are competitive, and his current specials are a great incentive to try out this wonderful type of massage that you won’t regret. Excellent work. There wasn't anything more I could have wanted.

    Bridget Stockdale, East Keilor

  • I had my first ever Lomi Lomi massage with Michael, and it was a profound experience of deep relaxation and wholesome renewal. I really appreciate the sensitivity and care with which Michael approaches each session, which allows me to feel safe and fully drop in and enjoy it :) The added remedial elements are a big plus for a stressed body!

    Julia Benkert, Brunswick East

  • Had a Lomi Lomi 1:5hr massage was truly in heaven from start to finish! Thank you Michael Cauce you where born to do this and i am grateful to the heavens to have found you.

    Tiziana Contu, Brunswick West

  • Michael's massages are wonderful. I'd had many good massages before but had never had Lomi Lomi. Nor had I been massaged by a male or in a private home. Michael described the Lomi Lomi style and the draping thoroughly, provided options regarding how exposed my body was and made it clear that the massage was my experience and that he would be open to direction when needed. I felt completely confident and comfortable. And in safe hands. I have now had several massages, all of them two hours of combined Lomi Lomi and remedial work. It's clear that Michael cares deeply for his work and his role as a therapist. His massage technique is fluid and tailored to how his client is feeling on the day. He has worked with me on difficult areas and in fostering relaxation. I would (& have!) recommend him to anyone.

    Kim Jeffs, Heidelberg Heights

  • I love massage and this is the massage that I have searched years for! It is much more than just your muscles unwinding. Highly recommended!

    Ryan Shaw, Thornbury

  • The best massage I've ever had. Seriously. And I'm no stranger to massage! Michael is nurturing, strong and intuitive. After a very intense week at work I left feeling grounded, relaxed present. He made me feel like a Queen! I'll be returning for sure!

    Tahlee Rouillon, Brunswick East

  • Fantastic massage! Michael goes the extra mile to ensure his clients are calm, comfortable and totally blissed out. A true professional and a really nice guy.

    Timothy Clark, Murrumbeena

  • Michael's massage is still the best I've ever had. I had never tried Lomi Lomi before, so was a little apprehensive about it. But Michael's professionalism, attentiveness, and love for his craft put me at complete ease. Bonus: you leave floating away on a coconut cloud (thanks to the coconut oil).

    Merrilee McCoy, Brunswick

  • The Lomi Lomi massage that Michael provides is excellent, a wonderful massage therapist

    Sharon Soltys, Bundoora

  • Michael is a caring masseuse. Lomi Lomi massage is a wonderful experience. I would recommend Michael as an excellent and professional massage therapist.

    Kerrie Summers, Ivanhoe

  • All those knots and tension in my muscles melted away. So relaxing and nurturing, couldn't ask for a better massage.

    Kate Barnard, Brunswick West

  • A 5 star experience because of Michaels lovely and professional approach, as well as his firm and relaxing massage techniques.

    Megan Wright, Forest Hill

  • Michael is a true professional. Irons out & fixes my muscle pain every time. Wish I could get a massage weekly. I highly recommend Habitat. Private health rebates is certainly a plus.

    Seb, Brunswick East

  • The most wonderful and nurturing massage! Lomi lomi is such an honouring and delicious style; I felt at times like melted chocolate, Cleopatra being pampered and laying in the waves of a warm ocean. A very opening, held and deeply relaxing treatment. Highly recommended.

    Sarah Cowell, Carlton North

  • Michael is incredible. For a head meets heart completely mind, soul and body massage, I have not experienced the like.

    Kobi Leins, Heidelberg Heights

  • Michael is an excellent masseuse. Caring, professional and calm. Highly recommended!

    Tahlee Rouillon, Brunswick East

  • I had never received a Lomi Lomi KaHuna massage before. It was fantastic! Healing and relaxing. 10/10

    Catie Morrison, Mt Waverly

  • Michael is amazing at what he does. I rate him very highly and strongly recommend you give him a try.

    Jo Ball, Brunswick East

  • Even just THINKING about Michael's massages makes me feel better.

    Carmela Quimbo, Preston

  • Wonderful massage and I felt very nurtured through the whole process.

    Mary Webb, Camberwell

  • Amazing. Always feel amazing, safe, respected. A whole body peaceful experience.

    Ana Della Rocca, Rosanna

  • Sublime massage experience! Very thorough with his questions and even gave me some stretches to help me with shoulder tension. Beautiful and relaxing. I came out feeling amazing. Will definately be back for the Lomi Lomi.

    Kate Beckwith, Brunswick West

  • I had a wonderful relaxing experience and floated home after my lomi lomi massage. Michael is very professional and pays special attention to any needs or problem areas you may have. My tension melted away during that 90 mins. I highly recommend.

    Lucy Jones, Reservoir

  • Best massage I've ever had. Whole body tightness and soreness built up over a long time alleviated and Michael very generously went over the time allocated to ensure I left feeling as good as possible. Excellent experience.

    Jen Clark, Preston

  • It's hard to find a good masseur - but this is a good one! Very intuitive, very heart felt and very skilled.

    Taegen Hannah, Thornbury

  • Great massage. There is nothing like a Lomi Lomi massage and Michael knows his stuff!

    David Sequeira, West Melbourne

  • Undoubtedly the best massages ever. Michael is always generous with his time and 100% professional, oh and I nearly forgot he's really funny too. I always walk out of there feeling physically and mentally uplifted.

    Julie Schilin, Coburg

  • Michael is calm, lovely and considerate. His lomi lomi massage was full of heart and commitment to the moment. Would definitely recommend.

    Jane Baxter, Upwey