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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi / Ka Huna in Northcote, Melbourne

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What Melbourne clients are saying

  • "Best massage I've ever had . . . Michael is a master . . . a 5 star experience . . . without doubt one of the most powerful and effective massages ever . . . 100% professional . . . an intuitive therapist . . . the most wonderful, nurturing massage . . . whole body tightness and soreness alleviated . . . such an honouring and delicious style . . . very opening, held and deeply relaxing . . . I always walk out physically and mentally uplifted . . . deeply therapeutic and very pleasurable . . . the massage I've searched years for . . . there is nothing like a Lomi Lomi."

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Welcome to Habitat Massage and Wellbeing

Habitat is all about helping you live a fuller, more joyful and balanced life. It’s a Northcote, Melbourne business born from founder Michael Cauce's passion for supporting personal, community and environmental wellbeing. Through his experience and training in different modalities, Michael has developed a unique signature massage - the Deep Lomi Massage Blend. ie. Deep tissue massage (/ remedial massage) combined with Polynesian Lomi Lomi (/Ka Huna).

This amazingly rejuvenating and dynamically flexible style has the capacity to address a broad array of issues in the physical, mental and emotional fields. Derived from a blend of modern western science (remedial deep tissue massage) combined with ancient Polynesian healing practices (lomi lomi), this new style can be fully tailored to your needs as a powerfully invigorating remedial deep tissue treatment, a blissfully nurturing and revitalising deep relaxation treatment or an individually customised blend of both! The results speak for themselves . . .

Are you getting the most out of life?

In today's fast-paced, high demand, overloaded times, receiving regular massage isn't a luxury, it's a valuable part of living a full and balanced life of vitality and longevity! Habitat provides excellent value rates and health fund rebate options to support clients in experiencing regular massage.

If you want:

  • a happier, more easeful, more vibrant and more effective life, with
  • less aches, less tightness, less restricted movement, and less substandard living

  • . . . . contact Habitat today and experience life anew by making powerful, healing and revitalising massages a regular part of your life.

    Seven benefits of the Deep Lomi Massage

    Newcomers to this amazing style are constantly surprised by how powerful and effective it is.
    Here are seven great reasons to try it for yourself

    1. Physical Benefits

    Deeply rejuvenates your musculature, addressing tension, aches and pains. Releases energy blockages, allowing circulation and life to flow more freely.

    2. Emotional benefits

    Can be a powerful tool in elevating your mood and fortifying resilience against common issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loneliness.

    3. Mental Benefits

    Supports a deeper connection with yourself and others. Gain more clarity, creativity and a healthier, more constructive head space. Operate more effectively in your world, from a more centred, grounded and balanced place.

    4. Deeply Nurturing or deeply vigorous

    The dynamic nature of Lomi Lomi allows it to be performed as a richly heartful experience that can be either deeply nurturing or powerfully vigorous!

    5. Long Term Wellbeing

    Potential benefits in areas such as the nervous, immune and circulatory systems promotes resilience against a plethora of common conditions, such as heart, skin, digestive, weight and premature ageing issues.

    6. Customised Approach

    Michael's compassion, integrity, professionalism, innate skill and fully tailored approach ensure that your individual needs are always addressed - by the beautiful Merri Creek, in the heart of Melbourne's inner north.

    7. Health Cover Rebates

    As there is a significant portion of remedial massage woven in to each session, health fund rebates are available. ALSO you can register for a great discount off your first session.

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